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About us: Who are we We are well known as OCM PRINT a Design and Print Medium, originated from Nottingham (currently has hotspot in Manchester, Leicester, Birmingham, London and Liverpool. As company which specialises in both Graphic design and Printing services. Our mission Our aim, as a company will be to evolve from a small company into a large organisation worldwide. As a business our primary objective is to offer professional and low-cost product goods and services to individuals consumers or businesses. In the nearby future will drive toward consulting (acting as a design and print management brokers) small businesses. The Company Goals and Objectives: Goals are destinations. OCM Print main priorities are to act as an intermediate design and print brokers to individuals and business. OCM Print in addition aims to develop great leaders in customer service to help run a healthy and successful company. In the nearby future OCM Print aims set up other SME and provide employments and training individual within the industry. Benefit Our customers will benefit from less stress off having to design and print their artwork or project: • We Give a 110% work ethic • Provided all the necessary support
• Supply all related material to accomplish you goal What make us run Our USP Apart from offering low cost products, we also provide both reliable and high quality services; offering you peace of mind and carrying out successful projects and contracts. • Character: In line with the individual difficulties in obtaining jobs within the UK, or low income owners affording there desired products and services. OCM PRINT aim is to provide the solution through negotiations with suppliers for a low price. • Ability: OCM PRINT first aims to act as a bridge between those big monopoly companies and the individuals as well as the SME’s. Our secondly aim as a company is to negotiate. In terms of products we negotiate the lowest cost in wholesale purchase and for service we train college students and hire university students to carry out a concept/ proposal for the project which will then be formally presented to our client. • Means: Currently OCM PRINT, has successfully worked with print and design companies in both local and national sectors for the past 2years. Haven build a long lasting relationship with our primary suppliers, we have successfully secured the ability to negotiate higher product and service discounts allowance (%).