Personalised Stickers & Labels

For every surface, we have a personalised sticker! From windows to floors, you'll get your branding seen quicker. Check out our range and make it stick!

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do we offer?

We offer PVC, paper, kraft, flour, a range of different types of monomers and polymers, and whiteboard polymers. If there is another type of material you would like that is not listed here, you can request a quote from our lovely quotes team.

Are our stickers recyclable?

At ocmprintstore.co.uk, we believe in working together towards a sustainable world, for people, plant and profit. Therefore, we offer a range of 100% recyclable and vegan-friendly products, including stickers. If you want to learn more about how do we make a difference for the environment, check our sustainability policy.

Do you offer vegan-friendly stickers?

At Helloprint, we love to have all bases covered. So yes! Follow this link to vegan stickers where you can design or customise your very own printed stickers.

How are the stickers packed?

Usually, our standard custom stickers are delivered separately in a plastic sleeve, within a box for delivery. Our other stickers such as large-format or vinyl are delivered in a box.

How long do the stickers last?

Our stickers last up to 12 months plus under normal usage. However, this can be shorter under other circumstances where the design could be scratched or peeled off.

Are the stickers waterproof?

We offer a range of stickers that are water-resistant, in a small format you can follow the product options and choose the water-resistant stickers. We do not recommend putting these small stickers into the dishwasher, handwashing only for the most optimal use. For large format stickers, we offer water-resistant floor stickers, vinyl stickers, window stickers.

How strong is the adhesive?

The strength of our stickers depends on what adhesive is used, a high tack glue for the large-format stickers, and whiteboard stickers have a removable adhesive. We use a DOT foil, also called Easy DOT foil. It is a self-adhesive monomer foil with a special adhesive layer with a bubble structure, or 'dots'. This creates small air channels in the glue and you can apply the foil very easily and bubble-free.

How can you remove the stickers?

In order to remove your stickers effectively, we recommend using a cloth or paper towel with rubbing alcohol and gently rubbing the sticker in order to loosen the adhesive to peel off your sticker. If the sticker is still not lifting, lay the paper towel or cloth over the sticker for a few minutes and then rub off gently.

Printing on white stickers?

When printing white stickers, all you need to do is upload your design to canva and make it yours. It is possible to print white on transparent stickers, but this option is only available with window stickers. Any other type of sticker is not an option. However, when printing standard stickers on a sheet, white cannot be printed on the transparent sticker, as it will print transparent.

What format do stickers need to be uploaded in?

If you are handing in your design for a white sticker it needs to be in a PDF format with a clear design.

Which stickers are suitable for outdoor use?

The stickers that are the best for outdoor use are; reflective, wall, street, suitcase, and table stickers! They are weather resistant and durable under the correct care. Also check out the range of our street stickers.

Can I write on my stickers?

Yes! You can write on your stickers. We offer writable stickers on a roll writable stickers and if you want something of a larger scale we offer whiteboard stickers or chalkboard stickers!

For every purpose, its own sticker!

Large, small, domed or on a roll... Printed stickers & personalised labels come in various shapes, sizes and material, perfect to cover all your promotional or informative needs. Discover some of the common uses of printed stickers and labels to find exactly the one you need.

Promote your brand
Promote your brand

Ideal for printing logos or slogans; our small format stickers are perfect to be distributed and stuck anywhere. Made even more convenient since they are delivered precut.

Promote an offer
Promote an offer

Are you running a campaign and giving out discounts? Let the world know, with a window sticker printed with your special offer (combine it with neon labels on roll for a maximum effect).

Orientate customers & visitors
Orientate customers & visitors

Need to guide your customers in a shop, set distances, or guide your visitors during an event? Floor stickers and other large format stickers are your go-to.

Customise your packaging
Customise your packaging

Ideal for labelling. Give a special touch to every package, product or meal you send to your customer by printing your very own labels on roll.

Write on anything you want
Write on anything you want

A simple and effective way to have a writable surface on anything you want to write on, is to print writable labels on roll! You give a personalise touch while giving you room to write a date, a name or anything else.