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The Value of Outdoor Signs for Branding and Visibility

The chances are that the first thing that comes to mind when you think of outdoor advertising, are huge billboards located along the highway, or on the side of business buildings. While outdoor signs can include everything from fence banners, to billboards, the truth is that it's much more versatile than you might think. In fact, thanks to incredible printing solutions, outdoor advertisement has become a vibrant and exciting way to engage your target audience. Referred to sometimes as "out of home advertising", outdoor marketing is a way for your brand to communicate with people at the bus station, park, city, or anywhere else. As more people commit themselves to a more active lifestyle, outdoor publicity has the power to reach a wider range of active consumers. Now, more than ever, it's important to understand what outdoor signs could do for your business.

The Benefits of Outdoor Advertising for your Company

Roadside signs advertising solutions give you the chance to connect with potential customers in a range of outside environments, when they're shopping, socialising, and even heading to work. Thanks to the technological development of tablets and smartphones, if someone spots your roadside signs advertising on the street, they can instantly buy a product with a couple of clicks, making outdoor publicity more relevant than ever. Roadside signs advertising offers almost endless benefits, including, but not limited to:

• A great audience reach: Outdoor marketing is one of the most effective visual advertising tools you can use to connect with your audience. Unlike display or radio advertisements, it can't be turned off, it blends with the natural scenery of a location, while still being significant enough to demand attention.

• It demands attention: Outdoor publicity doesn't have to compete with other ads like some advertising mediums. It commands the area, with creative signage that draws attention on a massive scale.

• Outdoor advertisement blends with other marketing solutions: Out of home advertising can work perfectly alongside other mediums, including digital and social media marketing strategies. With the right sign, you can remind your target customer of your message across a host of platforms.

How to Use Out-of-Home Advertising

Outdoor signs give brands the chance to interact with customers wherever they are. Simple and effective, they can create brand new marketing spaces where none existed before - stopping people in their tracks and forcing them to take notice. In a world where online banner blindness is becoming so common, outdoor marketing could help you earn local audience attention.
With a combination of traditional outdoor marketing, and various other media, you can help to build your brand image, and represent yourself as a key player in your niche. The more people see your outdoor advertising, the more familiar your name becomes, meaning that they're more likely to come to you for purchasing opportunities, instead of an unfamiliar competitor.

Outdoor advertisement can range all the way from sky tubes for your company, to balloons, pavement signs, banners and beach flags - all designed to be used in different environments. For instance, you might use banners at a corporate event, beach flags at a more informal occasion, and huge outdoor stickers or roadside signs advertising on your store to generate visibility.

Outdoor Signs: Ensuring High Quality

Outdoor publicity can come in a range of different shapes and sizes, the most important thing to remember if you want to make the right impression on your audience, is that quality must come first. When people see outdoor marketing efforts, whether in the street, or at a corporate event, they expect vibrant colours, smooth lines, and exceptional printing. The quality of your out of home advertising solutions will help to identify you as a professional that shouldn't be ignored.

At Helloprint, we offer a host of outdoor advertising solutions, all created with the highest-quality materials and techniques - designed to outline the unique nature of your company. Our outdoor advertisement solutions range from waterproof and UV resistant stickers, to luxury balloons and fence banners. When it comes to out of home advertising, roadside advertising, and outdoor marketing, we ensure your company always has the impact it needs to make a lasting impression.

Though many view outdoor signs as an old-fashioned advertising method, there are in reality many advantages of outdoor advertising. Aside from being cheaper and easier to produce than other advertising methods, outdoor signs provide continuous and prominent exposure for your business at any location you place them in. Consistent and memorable outdoor advertising draws people’s attention to your business, directs new and old customers to your doorstep, and reinforces the presence of your brand. They are also a great way to market events such as special sales and limited offers. In a world dominated by screens, different types of outdoor advertising are often overlooked. Outdoor advertising’s subtle yet constant presence stamps your brand into the hearts and minds of potential clients and customers.

Instead of using billboards and TV spots to advertise your business, try using banners, flags, signs and panels, pavement signs, and other types of outdoor advertising. They’re not as fancy but they’re valuable in marketing your business in the short and long run. In the short run, they’re a lot cheaper and easier to reproduce so you can print as much as you want. They’re also good at drawing people’s attention and directing them to your shop's doorstep. In the long run, brand visibility and recognition increases as people begin to associate the logo, colours, and images in your outdoor advertising with your brand.

Budget banners are effective promotional tools you can use for anything. Using custom banners to promote your stand, your products, or your business is much more sustainable and cost-effective. They are big enough to grab people's attention but small enough that it's convenient to store, transport, and put up anywhere, anytime. Cheap banners make advertising more affordable, effective, and practical.

Like other types of outdoor advertising, flags and beach flags are another good advertising tool. They are attractive beacons that signal your business’ presence as they dance in the wind. They come in an assortment of exciting shapes and sizes and are easy to transport and assemble. Flags and beach flags are also very durable as they are made from materials meant to resist strong winds and heavy rains.

Outdoor advertising is the affordable and effective advertising tool you just can’t ignore. You can do so much using banners and flags with the right design and placement strategy. Take the time to learn more about what you can do with different types of outdoor advertising and how to use them to achieve your marketing goals!